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My photography style could be described as..

Updated: Jun 18

Yada yada yada- we've all heard that it can take some time for an artist to find their signature style. So here I am, ten years into my photography journey and I can finally say I'm here, and yeah. It's true!

The funny thing is, my signature style, it's always been there. I've found in my experience, most photographers start out by focusing on the technicalities before they focus on the message. I've always been the opposite. I've always known what I liked to capture and the story I wanted to tell. Technically however, I used to press buttons on my camera until the photo looked like what I was feeling. So looking back on even some of my earliest work, the subject matter, the composition, the posing.. I can hear the whispers of my soul. My editing however, that's a different story! LOL

The photo below is the oldest photo still on my portfolio!

close up of two ladies with 60's inspired makeup
DWF Magazine, 2014

I found myself losing that voice when I was bridging that gap between a hobby artist, and one who can financially support oneself. Knowing I was a late bloomer in the game (I started photography when I was 22), I felt pressure to learn as much as I could on the fly. You can't tell me a genre and photography style I didn't try! These experiences helped me immensely in a technical sense. However creatively, I was catering to clients, and slowly my inner voice was becoming more muddled. And energetically, damn was I burnt out! After a while, it felt like another, passionless job.

Welp, before you know it I ended up with a workflow and a portfolio I didn't love. Like most people, I've had a ton of different and conflicting influences come into my brain- trends, social media, clients, and even my own struggles with mental health. I've had to lose my voice over and over for me to find it again. Lucky for me though, each time I lost my way, I've always came back to that same voice. That same Perspective. That same story.

My photographic style has always been there. I just needed to Return Back to Source..

My style is my Story.

Bold, Moody, Proud...
Empowered by the path that got me
Right Here, Right Now.

As an artist, I truly believe we're able to form to whatever medium we're working with. I always include and gravitate towards the following themes in my work:

  • "Take me as I am."

  • Extremes to come together to create balance-

  • Embracing the internal dance between inner darkness & the light.

  • My subjects are grounded with who they are and my work supports that. If it doesn't feel natural to my subject on a soul level, I won't ask them to do it.

  • Exudes honesty & authenticity.

  • Down to Earth, yet Luxurious.

  • Stillness, being "right here, right now."

  • Emotes of the complexities of humanity.

  • Black and white used to quiet down the noise.

  • Warm, deep reds and flush skin with colors inspired by nature.

  • Classic and timeless styling, hair and makeup.

Best for clients who want to show a sense of authenticity, invoke emotion, and further a deep connection to their audience.

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