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Perla Diaz is an LA based portrait and fashion photographer.



Perla grew up in a small beach community in New Jersey and later earned a psychology degree from Florida State University. 

Perla was always the one who took candid photos at parties and challenged barriers during art classes, but her creativity truly bloomed while at FSU when she started an online shop for extra income. From this pivoting point and on, a creative career is the path she dedicated to live authentically through.

6 months post graduation, Perla moved to Los Angeles and added many components to her creative resume: digital marketing, website design, production, influencer marketing, creative direction, social media management, and more.


Since her start with photography, she's created works for clients like Jafra Cosmetics, Nike, HOKA, Playboy, Champion, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records & more. Her work has been a part of campaigns, billboards, album art, and advertising for both digital and print. 


Using her first love, psychology, Perla connects with the different elements of a shoot on a deeper, authentic, and introspective level. She enjoys 'being a fly on the wall,' capturing subjects and landscape as they are.


For clients seeking to convey their brand, lifestyle, or product with depth and resonance through moody and bold imagery, she offers a unique ability to forge profound connections with their audience or customers.

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